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Together, you and I can begin sort through all the "stuff" and make sense of it, allowing you to see your choices and next steps. 

It's time to get UNSTUCK 

We specialize in helping you let go of the things you no longer need, use, or love in your

current season of life, whether you are staying put or moving to a new location.

My organizing and coaching packages will help you:









Productivity Coaching

Not ready for a move but would love to set goals and meet them? Decluttering is not just about downsizing for a new home. It's about taking control of your space and creating a more organized stress-free environment.

What you will get:

  • Goal-setting session for your specific needs

  • Through video call, I will walk you through the strategies on how to start, continue, and complete the decluttering  and organizing process for your space

  • Removing hurdles like procrastination and distraction

  • Practical steps on how to make organization last for years to come

  • Perfect for those who like to "Do It Yourself" with guidance and coaching (a gentle nudge)

45 minutes


Ready To Downsize

48 hours
  • Up to 6 spaces

  • Shopping services provided at no add'l cost

  • Labels for easy maintenance

  • Donations & recyclables taken at end of each day

  • Perfect for getting storage spaces decluttered such as garage, basement, or multiple spaces at one time

  • Finished look

Clean Sweep

24 Hours
  • 3-4 spaces

  • Product recommendations during session time; shopping services provided for add'l fee

  • Labels for easy maintenance

  • Donations and recyclables taken at end of session

  • Perfect for getting a few key living spaces decluttered like kitchen, guest room, bedroom, home office

  • Functional look


12 hours
  • 1-2 space

  • Product recommendations during session time; shopping services provided for add'l fee

  • Labeling suggestions

  • Carload of donations at end of project

  • Perfect for getting 1-2 spaces such as pantry & laundry room

  • Functional look

Click below to fill out a quick form and get started with any one of our customized packages. 

“You can’t go back and change the beginning,
but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

— C.S. Lewis

My Specialty!


Are you a soon-to-be or current empty nester who is finding that your house is jam-packed with decades of accumulated possessions?

Do you want to declutter but do not know where to start?

You Are Not Alone

You no longer have to feel like you are alone with figuring out what stays and what goes. 


A Systematic Approach 

You will experience and learn a systematic and efficient approach to decluttering and downsizing.


Less Stress

You will be glad you got started early before you NEED to downsize into a smaller home.

With Organize with Grace by your side, you do not have to face this season of life alone.


Virtually or in person, you will gain the tools to begin the process of decluttering and downsizing without feeling overwhelmed.

I get it that your circumstances are just as UNIQUE as you are, and you DESERVE the attention and care it takes to navigate through them.

Wouldn't it be crazy if you were able to clear away the life clutter that has been blocking you for years? 


Imagine yourself standing taller with your mind clearer and living a more fulfilled and peaceful life.

Would you believe me?  Probably not at first and that's okay. 


It will be messy, wacky at times, and it definitely won't be perfect but the journey is worth it because you're worth it. 


And you know what?  The journey can still be fun too!  

So, if you're ready, let's get started clearing out that "life clutter"!

Here for you,

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