I'm Grace Rehman-- Organize with Grace exists because I am passionate about helping busy women let go of "life clutter" and experience a simpler yet more fulfilled life.    

I believe that life clutter goes beyond just the physical items you may have around your home, though that is part of it.

Life clutter can drain your time, money, and energy. 


Sometimes you don't even know life clutter exists anymore because it's been in your life for so long.  The anxiety and fear that you feel about that clutter has become part of your everyday life and it is easier to ignore...yet it never goes away.


Credit card and student loan debt cluttered my personal finances and I carried them around for many years.


When my husband and I finally became debt-free, I was able to dream again about life's possibilities. 


Life has become simpler and more enjoyable.

Don't get me wrong, it took hard work and sacrifice to get there but it was short-term and now I can experience long term benefits of being debt-free.  It's still not easy being debt-free but I would never want to return to my old life of debt again.


Now it's your turn.

Wouldn't it be crazy if you were able to clear away the life clutter that has been blocking you for years?  Also, imagine yourself standing taller with your mind clearer and living a more fulfilled and peaceful life.

Would you believe me?  Probably not at first and that's okay.  It will be messy, wacky at times, and it definitely won't be perfect but the journey is worth it because you're worth it.  And you know what?  The journey can still be fun too!  

I hope to get to know you better and that you will allow me to walk alongside

you as you seek, discover and experience life that is less cluttered, more organized and fulfilled with who and what you treasure most.

Here for you,